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Why are customers willing to pay for samples of Sephora products? – RetailWire

By on February 13, 2018 0


Feb 13 2018

If you want to pay for a Sephora Deluxe Sample Box subscription, you’ll have to wait. This is because, according to Sephora’s website, subscriptions to their extremely popular subscription box service, “Play!” By Sephora ”, are currently out of stock. Rather, potential customers are encouraged to leave their email address on the website to be contacted when the company has more samples in stock again.

So what are these subscriptions that are taking the beauty world by storm? For $ 10 per month, Sephora customers can subscribe to Play! to receive an organized box of five pre-selected “deluxe” samples as well as access to how-to videos and invitations to subscriber-only in-store events. In addition, they get a “Play! Pass ”which can be redeemed in-store for an additional 50 Beauty Insider loyalty points, which only become available when they make a full-size purchase.

Hitwise reports that from 2013 to 2016, the subscription box industry grew by almost 3,000 percent. Beauty subscription boxes are growing in popularity and appearing everywhere. Birchbox and Ipsy charge $ 10 for five “luxury” monthly samples, and Allure, Julep, and Glossy Box offer nearly identical subscription services.

Department stores like Macy’s are not immune to the “luxury sample” beauty craze. Heck, even Target and Walmart recently threw their hats in the beauty subscription box ring.

A resounding question arises in the face of the overwhelming popularity of subscription boxes like Play! by Sephora: Why is the modern customer willing to pay over $ 10 a month for something they can get for free? After all, you only need to walk to the beauty counter of any department store to get a free in-person makeover, complimentary beauty samples, and a lengthy consultation with cosmetics and skin care experts.

So what about the subscription boxes that make customers so willing to sign up for a regular monthly allowance of their hard earned money?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Why do you think consumers are willing to pay for beauty product samples from services like Play! By Sephora when can you go to a store and get them for free? Is the craze for subscription boxes another sign of the decline in the in-store experience? Where do you see sample box sales from here?


“Having an organized set of luxury size samples delivered to your door every month is valuable. “

“In my opinion, subscription boxes are ideal for traditional retailers. In most cases, product samples will not replace a need for purchase.

“It’s a chance to try something new and just have fun and use a product for the price of a burrito and a coke …”