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The Last Annihilation – Wiccan and Hulkling number 1, Dark Ages number 1 and more! – The Geekiary

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Midnighter 2021, annual issue 1 (Image: DC Comics)

Welcome to my recap of comic book reviews for the week of September 1, 2021. I’m talking about The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling Number 1, Midnight 2021 Annual Number 1, Dark times Number 1, and more!

I’ll start by talking about the Midnight 2021 Annual number 1 by writer Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad. If you are a fan of the romantic Midnighter and Apollo couple, I think you will greatly enjoy the moments between them in this story. There’s a lot of time travel action and complications, but the heart of the story centers around exploring Midnighter’s emotions and how he decides to face a version of the villainous Andrej Trojan alive. in the brain of Midnighter’s supercomputer. While the story ties into what Midnighter was doing during the “Future State” event, you can still enjoy this issue without having read any of the “Future State” tips.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? Yes.

Recommendation: To pick up.

Dark Ages Number 1 Review
Dark Ages number 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Dark times Number 1

I have a feeling that I won’t keep reading the new one Dark times comic book series by writer Tom Taylor. The first issue, set in a different timeline, showed our heroes facing an ancient threat of destroying everything. To stop such an enemy, our heroes had to travel underground and produce an electromagnetic burst.

Considering that a powerful electromagnetic burst is required, you would assume that the Omega-level mutant Storm Goddess would be part of the heroic team to take on such an opponent. But, alas, it is not even mentioned. Instead, we got to see Doctor Strange summon an electromagnetic pulse from another realm that caused the entire planet to lose electricity and force everyone to adjust to a new way of life.

Even though I enjoyed reading the Deceased Taylor’s series, I wondered where an OP character like Raven had gone. And now, after reading the first issue of Dark times, I wonder where Storm is. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it looks like Taylor intentionally doesn’t mention certain beings. I understand why keeping certain characters off the board makes sense to continue the narrative, but at least give me a proper explanation. What Storm was busy with that she couldn’t help out for Dark times number 1 to stop the destruction of the solar system? Anyway, unless she appears in future issues, Dark times is not for me.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: Up to you.

The Last Annihilation Wiccan and Hulkling Issue 1 review
The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling Number 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling Number 1

Writer Anthony Oliveira has done it again! I continue to be a fan of how Oliveira handles Billy and Teddy’s relationship. A one-shot set during the current ‘The Last Annihilation’ event, this comic showed Wiccan and Teddy defending two planets while reinforcing the love that existed between them as soul mates. The way neither of them spoke a word to each other in the current timeline but knew they were connected across space and time hit me directly.

With the iconic queer couple from the comics battling two different threats in the present, Oliveira also took us back in time to show Billy and Teddy getting to know each other in high school. I can’t thank Oliveira enough for giving such scenes to the fans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we’ve never had any scenes exploring this aspect of Billy and Teddy’s relationship. They were already in a relationship when they were recruited to form the Young Avengers team.

The flashbacks brought Billy and Teddy closer to their love of comics and other geeky stuff. Teddy invited Billy to a school game where Billy met Teddy’s adoptive mother as they both cheered on him. The two also resisted a pair of bullies. And then accepted each other’s true nature by showing each other their unique powers. Billy wondered if Teddy’s “human” or “Hulkling” form was his true nature and Teddy responding that it was all his true self had been handled well enough. The queer subtext connecting secret superhero identities and being queer is strong in this one (in my opinion). There’s also a very impactful scene involving Teddy and Billy’s wedding that I think gay Jews will enjoy.

While I enjoyed the many flashbacks, what was happening in the present was correct. The two main characters have realized what it takes to defeat two threats simultaneously. There is good information on the history of their covenants. In a sense, they can still rely on each other to deal with issues that their partner cannot solve.

The bond between Wiccan and Hulkling continues to be stronger than ever and I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially since it’s only a matter of time before Billy learns of Wanda’s death. (this particular story is told in the X-Men: The Magneto Trial mini-series).

Does he have any obvious weird characters? Yes.

Recommendation: TO PICK UP!

Lucky Devil issue 2 review
Lucky Devil Number 2 (Image: Dark Horse Comics)

Lucky devil Number 2

From writer Cullen Bunn, Lucky devil Number 2 had Stanley embracing his demonic powers and initiating a cult that attracts worshipers of Satan. However, with Stanley spoiling the balance of things, there are other demons who want him to go. The second issue set things up for the battles to come and I can’t wait to see how Stanley fares.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: To pick up.

Basil issue 4 review
Basilisk number 4 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Basil Number 4

Another series from writer Cullen Bunn, Basil Number 4 showed that Hannah was finally able to fight the Chimera and was really fighting very well. She is able to prevent their powers from working on her by restricting their access to her five senses. I was even okay with Regan coming in and helping out because Hannah had already proven to be a strategic fighter and someone capable of giving our group of villains a hard time.

Spoiler-free, I was surprised to see Hannah pull a certain person’s trigger. Obviously she really wants to bring down the whole group. There is some sort of prophecy involved. So, let’s see how it goes.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: To pick up.

Phantom on the Scan issue # 5 review
Ghost on scan number 5 (Image: AfterShock Comics)

Ghost on the scan Number 5

Yes, yet another book by writer Cullen Bunn, Ghost on the scan number 5 offered a more or less predictable but satisfying finale while opening the door to future chapters. I would have liked a more supernatural than extraterrestrial tale, but hey.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: To pick up.

What comics have you read this week? What are your thoughts on The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling a shot?

Let us know.

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