November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Qld man claims credit card charged by mover after bad Google review

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A consumer claimed that a moving company charged his credit card $2,000 after writing a negative Google review of the company.

The business owner claims the charge was an ‘accident’ and provided a refund ‘immediately’.

Dane Ponting hired Affordable Movers Brisbane to move his belongings from Brisbane to Hervey Bay.

After reporting for work, the company contacted him and told him he had to pay an extra $1070 for an extra trailer that was used after the initial truck couldn’t haul all of his items in one trip.

Mr Ponting says the truck was already half full when he arrived.

He felt he had no choice but to absorb the cost of the trailer for fear that the company would deliver his goods. Later, he chose to share his experience online.

In a Google review, he detailed his dissatisfaction with the service and warned others of the additional fees he had to pay.

He said A topical matter he had emailed the company two days earlier asking why he had to pay the extra fee, but his attempt to resolve the issue proved unsuccessful.

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The day after leaving the exam, Mr. Ponting noticed that the company had charged $2,000 to his credit card.

Mr Ponting immediately contacted its owner, Rahul Nagpal, known as John to customers, and told him: “You can’t just take money out of our credit card.”

“He called me and he basically said, ‘I’ll refund you the money if you delete your Google review,'” Mr Ponting said on A topical matter.

Mr Nagpal told ‘the charge on Dane’s card was an accident which is why he was refunded straight away’.

“Dane received a $1070 refund for the trailer and he also took the review off,” the owner said.

Texts obtained by A topical matter showed that Mr. Nagpal allegedly told Mr. Ponting that if he deleted his review and agreed to never leave another, the $2,000 would be refunded.

In a message, according to the program, Mr. Ponting told Mr. Nagpal: “On the phone with the police. Send me a refund confirmation and then we’ll talk.

He alleges that Mr Nagpal responded by telling him, “Delete the review and confirm that it will remain deleted and you won’t leave any more reviews. This is the easiest way and it will save you a lot of time.

Mr Ponting doubled down, saying: ‘I don’t want to delete the review because I don’t really want it to happen to anyone else.’

Mr Nagpal said A topical matter he had given Mr. Ponting a discount in advance without telling him, which he claimed was why he had charged him the $1,070 fee.

“I did the wrong thing. I’m okay with that, I did the wrong thing,” he conceded.

Mr Nagpal told that the issues with Mr Ponting’s experience had been resolved and denied the company would hold back on items until customers pay in full.

“We don’t hold customer goods hostage,” he said.

The incident is one of dozens of complaints against the company that feature among its 880 Google reviews. Other dissatisfied customers complain of damaged furniture, items held until extra charges are paid, or movers arriving late.

One man, Leyton Miller, claims workers showed up hours late, he was charged a 5% credit card fee and the company refused to repair the goods despite his initial agreement .

“I ended up with broken promises and broken furniture,” Miller said.

Mr Nagpal said A topical matter he knew the people behind the complaints and said the company was working to resolve its issues.

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