December 11, 2022
  • December 11, 2022

Book reviews: Le Paris des cinéphiles

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The Paris of cinephiles

Paris doesn’t need to be put on the map, but it continues to surprise with its growing number of must-see places. In this inspired guide, we walk through the city’s most iconic filming locations, from famous restaurants to quirky boutiques and grocery stores.

The over 200 pages are a pleasure to browse thanks to photographer Pierre-Olivier Signe’s keen sense of character and special details, such as the exquisite close-ups of the art nouveau wall panels from Brasserie Julien that would otherwise blend into the background. Location descriptions, contact details, and the accompanying pricing system are welcome features, as are QR codes, which allow readers to view trailers for the films mentioned before stepping into their shoes. their favorite actors when they visit.

Chapter by district, The Paris of cinephiles acts as an essential guide for Paris fans and movie buffs.

The Paris of cinephiles: 101 legendary addresses that have inspired great films. by Barbara Boespflug and Béatrice Billon. Published by Chêne. Highly recommended. Available for purchase below on Amazon.

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