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Beatrice Dixon Shares Heartfelt Response to Claims She Sold The Honey Pot Company: ‘I’m Human Too’ | News

By on May 17, 2022 0

Beatrice Dixon took to Instagram to address some of the biggest concerns about her popular plant-based feminine skincare brand, The Honey Pot Company. The video response comes shortly after social media exploded with complaints that the brand has changed its coveted formulas and is no longer organic. Keep scrolling for a quick recap!

ICYMI: Over the weekend, Twitter erupted with serious concern after customers were told of “new” ingredients in the female washes. Many took to the social media platform to express their disapproval.

“After seeing posts about the Honey Pot changing the ingredients I just went to check out a new bottle and an old bottle and IM SICK😭 we can’t have anything,” one person tweeted on May 14.

The brand’s founder and CEO responded to the growing complaints with a statement via her personal Instagram page.

“I hear you and I see you”, Dixon share in a message on May 16. “I will address everything from the evolution of our formulation, your concerns and even the spread of misinformation. I look forward to these conversations and thank you for holding me accountable.

She continued, “I am disabling comments on my post due to the harmful, violent and threatening language used by some humans. My statement is coming soon. Thank you for your patience while I listen, learn, and work with the Honey Pot Co team to resolve this issue.

As promised, Dixon followed up the statement with a 13-minute video response to “everything that happened this weekend.”

She captioned the video, “I am CEO, Chief Innovation Officer and Founder. But I am also human. My team and I hear you and it is our priority to show up and create a space of trust and transparency. Let me make some things clear.

The contractor also destroyed rumors that the business has been sold and is no longer black-owned. In list form, she further explained, “We didn’t sell. The washing formula has evolved for good reason. We have served and always will best serve humans with vaginas. Complete stop.”

Keep scrolling to watch the full video to find out why Dixon is “spiritually” and “professionally” committed to The Honey Pot Company. Plus, find out why the washes contain new ingredients that promise to be “safe, gentle, and gentle on skin.”

In the heartfelt response, Dixon concluded, “Please accept our apologies for not communicating all of this better and I ask that you please believe me when I say I would never make harmful products and support people. who use them. I couldn’t live with myself. I use these products twice a day, my family uses these products, my nieces use these products, and above all you use these products. I make these products for all of us. Please know, human race, that I love and appreciate you, and we thank you for all of your love and support. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing many more educational programs. In the meantime, let’s be nice to each other. […] We are here for you and your questions and concerns. I love you from the bottom of my soul and I’m grateful to you. Thank you.”

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Dixon started The Honey Pot Company after receiving his grandmother’s cure for bacterial vaginosis in a dream. Fast forward to today, the brand’s feminine care products are available nationwide at Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Walgreens and other retailers across the United States.

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