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Batman / Catwoman Number 7, Lost Falls Number 2 and more! – The Geekiary

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Batman / Catwoman Number 7 (Image: DC Comics)

Welcome to my comic book review rundown for the week of September 8, 2021. I’m going to talk about Batman / Catwoman number 7, Lost falls number 2, Day before number 5, and more!

Let’s open with Batman / Catwoman number 7 by writer Tom King. The final installment continued King’s very polarizing story by focusing on Selina Kyle and her relationship with Bruce and the Joker. At this point, I’m not surprised that a number of people I know have decided to stop reading this comic book series. A handful of them are waiting for the whole story to end to see if they’ll give it another chance.

In a way, I can understand why some fans think King has no idea who Selina is meant to be as a character. Not only that, the scene where Bruce, for some reason, decided to fight a team of cops didn’t make sense to me. Considering he was Bruce Wayne at the time, why not pretend he was kidnapped by someone and that’s why he’s locked in the safe? Sigh!

Plus, I think the hype around Selina killing the Joker has been overdone. She killed the damn Joker. Gotham should be grateful.

Batman / Catwoman Number 7 also brought in artist Liam Sharp to replace Clay Mann. Opinions about Sharp’s artistic style vary. I more or less agreed with the artistic work.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? Yes.

Recommendation: Meh!

Harley Quinn eats bang kill round number 2 review
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat, Bang! Kill the tour Issue 2 (Image: DC Comics)

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat, Bang! Kill the tour number 2

If you don’t read Harley Quinn: Eat it, bang! Kill the tour by writer Tee Franklin, what are you doing? This is one of the funniest comic book series I’ve read in a while, and I want more! The second issue had Harley and Ivy, while being chased by a mad Gordon, arriving at Selina’s to ask if she would be willing to take care of Harley’s hyenas while she and Ivy are on their honeymoon.

I loved the interactions between the three characters as Harley tried to convince Selina to do her such a favor. Another interesting character moment focused on how Ivy viewed her relationship with Harley. Of course, Ivy would think about her future with Harley and whether they had what it takes to stay together forever. Not only that, but Harley’s very over-the-top personality created some friction for Ivy as well.

That said, the two clearly love each other. So, I can’t wait to see the two continue to work on their differences. Plus, the jab over the recent controversy over whether or not Batman ran into Catwoman got me out!

harley quinn eats bang kill round number 2 review
Catwoman talks about Batman (Image: Harley Quinn: Eat, Bang! Kill Tour Issue 2 – DC Comics)

The art of Max Sarin is another strong point. The expressions of the characters are amazing and there is a lot going on in each panel. I love it.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? Yes.

Recommendation: TO PICK UP! You can read it right now if you have a DC Infinite Universe subscription or you can pre-order it from comiXology.

Webtoon Batman Wayne Family Adventures review
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures (Image: Webtoon)

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Webtoon – Episodes 1, 2, 3

DC Comics launched its first Batman webtoon. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures currently has three episodes to read for free. Episode 1, “Moving In”, tells us that Duke Thomas comes to stay at Wayne Manor and Damian has a little fun with him. Episode 2, “The Last Cookie” has a handful of Bruce’s BatKids fighting over the last cookie. And episode 3, “Eyes and Ears” focuses on Barbara’s role as Oracle.

All three episodes, from writer CRC Payne and the art of StarBite, are fun little reads featuring an interesting take on the BatFamily dynamic. If you like BatFamily stories that focus on their day to day life, I think you’ll enjoy this Webtoon.

Another thing I liked to see was Damian’s skin tone because a lot of times it feels like some artists forgot that Damian is supposed to be the PoC as a whole. Batman line.

The DC Comics / Webtoon partnership was announced last month. Along with this series, more Webtoon offerings featuring other characters in standalone stories will be released soon.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? Yes.

Recommendation: READ IT! (Free!)

Mighty Morphin Issue 11 Review
Mighty Morphin Issue 11 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Mighty Morphin Number 11

Writer Ryan Parrott made me worry about Zordon’s loyalty for most of the time. Mighty Morphin number 11. But, luckily, Zordon’s true intentions were revealed in the end. We got a lot of information about the creation of Lord Zedd and the role one of Zordon’s closest friends played in it. With a number of revelations shared, I can’t wait to see if Lord Zedd will offer the Power Rangers some sort of conditional alliance to face the war ahead. And what is Billy working on? I would like to know.

Is Zag supposed to be a queer character? (Image: Mighty Morphin Issue 11 – BOOM! Studios)

We were introduced to a bunch of new characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them decided to switch sides down the line. Plus, it’s just me or Zag saying that Adam’s cutie means we finally get a weird portrayal in the Power rangers franchise? Let’s see what’s going on.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: TO PICK UP!

Eve number 5 review
Eve number 5 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Day before Number 5

From writer Victor LaValle, Day before Issue 5 wrapped up this thought-provoking, environment-centric story satisfactorily. Of course, Eve was going to save the Earth and humanity. I never gave up hope in her. However, the way the Wexler arc was handled made me roll my eyes a bit. In my opinion, the AI-powered teddy bear suffered no consequences for its actions.

I appreciated that Eve could interact with a version of her parents. The way she wanted to know more about them but also didn’t want to waste any more time when it came to healing the planet made me smile.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: TO PICK UP!

Mamo issue 3 review
Mamo Number 3 (Image: BOite BOUM!)

mamo Number 3

OK. I would like to see mamo to be adapted into a nice little independent game. There is just something about this story that makes me want to spend as much time as possible in the fictional world that writer Sas Milledge has created. mamo Number 3 continued Jo and Orla’s adventure to find Mamo’s bones strewn around Haresden. We also got more information about the magical system based on the concept of sharing one’s power and the recipient’s willingness to accept said power. In the world of mamo, anyone can do magic. They just need to be willing.

With Jo asking an old acquaintance a favor, our two leads came closer to completing their task. However, not everything is as it seems. And I can’t wait to know the rest!

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: TO PICK UP!

Review of issue 2 of Me that you love in the dark
The Me You Love in the Dark issue 2 (Image: Image Comics)

The me you love in the dark Number 2

I knew this story, from writer Skottie Young, was going to get a little scarier, but it still didn’t make some revelation in The me you love in the dark number 2 has no less impact. Similar to our main character Ro, I can’t help but be intrigued by the dark entity owning the huge house in which she resides. It could lead to danger. But I still want Ro to see this journey through to the end.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: To pick up.

Lost Falls Issue 2 Review
Lost Falls Issue 2 (Image: comiXology Originals)

Lost falls Number 2

I was provided with a free digital copy of Lost falls number 2 for consideration. The opinions I have shared are my own.

From writer Curt Pires, Lost falls Number 2 had our lead character Daniel Pynchon facing a lot of trouble as he continued to follow the ghost of a missing girl. The opening sequence explained how Daniel ended up in Lost Falls. There is a goal behind him coming there and I’m very interested in knowing more about what Daniel is supposed to do.

The town of Lost Falls is scary. In my opinion, Pires has created a compelling tale that features detective work and the supernatural. Having read the Youth series of Pires, it is clear that he does not hesitate to add a social commentary in his work. Lost falls has that too.

The panels were divided between the artists Antonio Fuso (pages 1-22) and Pierluigi Minotti (pages 23-36). I think the two artistic styles complement each other. From what I can tell, the overall goal of the art (including Lee Loughridge’s colors) is to set the mood instead of offering readers very detailed panels.

I don’t know about you, but I want someone to call actor John David Washington or Ray Fisher, and let’s start talking about Lost falls be adapted into a live miniseries.

Does he have any obvious weird characters? No.

Recommendation: TO PICK UP!

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What comics have you read this week? What are your thoughts on Batman / Catwoman number 7?

Let us know.

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